Our Story


Fusion Whisky Ltd was originally formed as a small enterprise TBG & Co with the aim of producing a Scotch whisky to raise awareness of Thomas Blake Glover’s role in shaping modern Japan and celebrate Scotland’s historical, economical, cultural and social links to Japan.

The board of TBG & Co contacted Alex Bruce, managing director and master blender at Adelphi, with the aim of creating a designated fusion whisky to celebrate Glover’s life. In the end, and despite the challenges of international procurement and production, we produced not one but three Glover whiskies, all of which have sold out.

The Glover fusions gave us the opportunity to highlight the unique flavours of both countries, and create a blend that was even more than the sum of its parts.

In the summer of 2016, we decided to embark on an ambitious programme to bring out a series of new fusion whiskies, something that has never been done before. We changed our name from TBG & Co to Fusion Whisky Ltd to better represent our aims, and in the autumn of 2016 we released the second title in our fusion whisky series, The Kincardine.

With very strong international interest in this pioneering approach to blended malt whisky, Fusion Whisky Limited is planning to continue our series of innovative fusion whiskies.

Working with our partner Adelphi, we’re already in discussions with international distilleries in countries where Scots have had a profound influence and where exceptional craft whisky is being produced.

The Team

Fusion Whisky Ltd was originally called TBG & Co Ltd, and it was established by Directors James Millar, Graham Langley and David Moore who invited Adelphi to blend and bottle a unique fusion whisky to celebrate the life of Thomas Blake Glover and the historical, social, economic and cultural ties between Japan and India.

After the success of The Glover series, the Directors of TBG & Co Ltd looked to expand their idea and, working closely with Adelphi, expand the concept.

In the summer of 2016 they changed the company name to Fusion Whisky Ltd and embarked on plans for at least three more fusion whiskies that would celebrate iconic Scots as Scotland’s strong and positive relationship with other countries.


Jim Millar

Having served in the armed forces, Jim spent 10 years in the offshore oil and gas industry. For the past 15 years he has been employed in the Scottish Parliament, where he is a political and policy adviser. He was instrumental in founding the Cross Party Group on Japan in Holyrood. His work in promoting the relationship between Scotland and Japan for more than 25 years has seen him win several awards including the Consul General of Japan’s Certificate of Commendation and the prestigious Scottish Samurai Shogun Award. Jim is the architect of the Glover project that reflects his continued interest in promoting trade, education and cultural links between the two countries.

Graham Langley

Graham is an experienced SME corporate financier, investor, dealmaker and business developer. Following a distinguished banking career where he was ultimately Head of Business Development for RBS Commercial in Edinburgh, he now has a diverse portfolio of business interests. He is renowned for being innovative and an outstanding networker with a substantial array of trusted business contacts. It was through these contacts that Graham effected the necessary introductions that resulted in the birth of TBG & Co and The Glover project.

David Moore

David Moore returned to Scotland in 2013 after 13 years in Asia Pacific in the drinks industry with Diageo plc. During that time he lived and worked in Sydney, Singapore, Saigon and Shanghai. He led the Diageo Asia Beer business, working on key Guinness projects in Japan, followed by roles as MD of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, all of which are strong emerging markets for blended and single malt scotch whisky. He now has a range of business interests in the technology and food & drink sectors.

Alex Bruce

Alex Bruce is Managing Director of Adelphi Distillery Ltd and the Ardnamurchan Distillery. He has been involved in the Wine & Spirits Industry since 1996, heading up Adelphi since 2004. He is a direct descendant of Andrew Usher, who is credited with producing the first blended Scotch whisky in the 1850s, Ushers OVG. He is a Keeper of the Quaich, a member of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, and an honorary member of the Whisky Guild of New Zealand. He also sits on the board of directors for Scotland Food and Drink.

Charles MacLean

Charles has been described as “Scotland’s leading whisky expert” [The Times], and “The doyen of whisky writers” [BBC]: he has been researching and writing about whisky since 1981 and has published over a dozen books on the subject. He was trained in “the sensory evaluation of potable spirits” by the Scotch Whisky Research Institute in 1992, is a member of the Judging Panel (Spirits) of the International Wines & Spirits Competition and won its award for “Outstanding Contribution to Scotch Whisky” in 2012. He acts as a consultant to the whisky industry on a number of matters, including staff training, sensory evaluation and extensive brand ambassadorial work in global markets.