The Fusions

Our fusion whiskies celebrate an exclusive selection of fantastic whiskies and honour the achievements of some notable Scots.

A fusion of Japanese Hanyu whisky and Longmorn and Glen Garioch Scotch, The Glover series of whiskies celebrate Thomas Black Glover, the “Scottish Samurai”. Glover had a profound impact upon the modernisation of Japan and was the first foreigner to receive the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese Emperor.

The Kincardine is a fusion of Amrut single malt whisky and Glen Elgin and Macallan Scotch. It honours the lifetime career of the “Walking Viceroy” Victor Bruce, 9th Earl of Elgin and 13th Earl of Kincardine, who spent a lifetime in public service and whose legacy lives on in both Scotland and India.

The Glover 22 year old malt whisky, 53.1%

Our 22-year-old Glover was an iconic, pioneering blend of rare single malt whisky from Hanyu Distillery in Japan and Scotch from Longmorn and Glen Garioch Distilleries. Only 390 hand-numbered bottles were produced.
Charlie MacLean described it: “Deep amber, with copper lights; linseed oil, marzipan and icing sugar with marischino cherries, dipped in dark chocolate, rich cake mix with dried tropical fruits: bananas, mango, papaya.
Mouthfilling texture, oils and lingering spices; fresh strawberries, guava, black cherries, coconut biscuits; spicy Kerala pepper, and pink grapefruit.
Lightly drying on the finish with cloves, eucalyptus and Toblerone chocolate bars.”

The Glover 14 year old malt whisky, 44.3%

The Glover 14 year old fusion whisky was launched simultaneously as the Glover 22yo, and is a fusion of Scotch & Japanese Malt whiskies. It too was a limited batch release, of 1500 bottles. Charlie MacLean described it: “Autumn gold, with oak lights; a fresh aroma of peat smoke, seaside, with almonds, green apples, orange pith and honey flapjacks. Blackcurrants, lingering chimney smoke, maritime; smooth, mellow and sophisticated.”

The Glover 18 year old malt whisky, 48.6%

The Glover 18 year old was launched in August 2016 after the success of the highly acclaimed 22yo and 14yo whiskies. This fusion of Scotch and Japanese malt whiskies was a limited batch release of 1448 bottles. In his tasting notes, Charlie MacLean described it: “Ripe corn – sunshine. Good beading. Light nose prickle. “Richly fruity – ripe pear, juicy red apples, cherries, orange juice – on a base of vanilla sponge, spread with strawberry jam and whipped cream. A drop of water introduces fondant. “A sweet overall taste, with chocolate and coconut (Bounty Bar). Water introduces ripe pineapple and Szechuan pepper (both spicy and mouth-cooling). Parma violets in the development. Multi-facetted and exotic.”

The Kincardine 7 year old malt whisky, 52.9%

The Kincardine was launched in November 2016, following on from the highly acclaimed Glover series whiskies. Just under 800 bottles of this fusion of Scotch and Indian malt whiskies were produced. With a vibrant copper gold appearance, The Kincardine’s aroma is initially spicy, fruity and floral with notes of ripe bananas, freshly opened jar of Dundee marmalade, green apple skin and lemon curd. White chocolate and coconut ice cream in the development with lychees, melon balls and citrus brullée. Taste, experience almost chilli-hot spices from the High Ranges of Kerala, tempered by fresh coconut, including the coir, sweetening to Tunnock’s Snowballs with black cherry cola. Finishes with Black Forest Gâteau, ground pepper and a hint of mustard seed.

The Glover 18 year old malt whisky, 49.2% (2017)

The 4th Edition of The Glover sees a little more sherry cask influence than in the previous release. In his tasting notes for our fourth Glover edition, Alex Bruce, master blender and managing director of Adelphi, says: “The colour of copper gold with a moderate bead, this is initially slightly dusty (like an old oak cabinet), with fruity notes emerging: orange zest, lime marmalade, strawberry Chewits, physalis, soft Manuka honey, tangerines and fresh grapes all accompanied by violin bow ‘rosin’.

“Both mouth filling and teeth coating (waxy), it’s initially tangy with decadent marzipan and milk chocolate leading to a very well balanced finish warmed by a hint of fresh pepper and the slightest hint of distant smoke.”

The Glover 18yo, 4th Edition, was a limited batch of 1406 bottles.